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Jeanette M. Pryor
April 1, 2006

In the article Rene Lefebvre and the Holocaust, the Le Floch Report asked the question, “Why do certain Perennialist Catholics deny the Holocaust, and to what end?” We could just as rightly ask this question for any number of conspiracy theories. A problem arises when the Perennialist gurus assert that all of history is a large conspiracy and only the enlightened (the gurus themselves) can truly understand reality.

Many Perennialists in the U.S. believe in all of the following:

1. The United States’ entrance into World War I had nothing to do with the German attacks on shipping or the famous communiqué to Mexico offering it the southern U.S. states if it attacked the U.S. from the south. Our entrance into the War was caused by the Govenment’s desire to help the needs of the “International Bankers.”

2. President Roosevelt arranged for or knew of the attacks on Pearl Harbor in advance. He wanted as many Americans to die as possible in order to force Congress to declare war on Japan.

3. The Holocaust was either entirely fabricated or at least the manner of the slaughter was not as the historians and eye-witnesses say.

4. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was trying to rule the country without aid from the Jews and the International Bankers. Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent.

5. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by the International Bankers because he was getting too powerful.

6. Robert Kennedy was assassinated by the International Bankers.

7. The fire that was started in Waco was set by the U.S. Government and not the pedophile David Koresh who claimed to be Our Lord.

8. The bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma was perpetrated by the U.S. Government and not Timothy McVeigh.

9. The attacks on September 11, 2001 were perpetrated by the U.S Government on orders from Israel. The Arabs had nothing to do with it.

The final end of the leaders of this historic revisionist movement is Revolution; the destruction of the natural and Supernatural orders established by Our Lord. How exactly is this Revolution brought about? By the fostering of a Gnostic mindset among Traditional Catholics.

The Gnostic/Perennialist Mindset

The term “Gnostic” refers to “secret or hidden” knowledge. The Perennialist authors, through their writings and conferences, lead their “students” to the belief that they are everywhere surrounded by lies and deception; that they are the victims of an organized campaign of disinformation affecting every level of social activity. At the same time, the “gurus” offer an alternative social doctrine; one that is hidden from the masses of the duped sheep that simply swallow without question what is fed to them by the “vile media.”

In the case of the Traditional Perennialists, one often encounters, as the fundamental truth of the Gnostic world-view, the belief that the Jewish People are bent on the domination of all non-Jews. Every world event is to be viewed in relation to this fact. Yet, we must not be fooled. The triumph of this world view is not the ultimate end. Rather, the end is to destroy the Catholic’s sense of duty to his Church and legitimate civil authority.

The Gnostic gurus use several methods to slowly indoctrinate their followers. The first is “Historical Revision.” Historical Revision is the substituting of “pseudo-history” for true History. It is not the legitimate re-examination of once held beliefs about historical fact based on newly found, authentic evidence. Rather, Historical Revision is simply asserting that which supports the philosophical opinions of the Pseudo Historian whose world view is contradicted by actual history. In the book Denying History Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman provide in great detail, the strict criteria by which any historical assertion is tested before it is generally accepted to be accurate. Examples used by these authors, are the Jewish Holocaust and the Japanese attack of the Chinese at Nangking. The authors explain that we can be certain that the Holocaust, complete with the gas chambers, Nazi intent to commit genocide, and the astronomical final number of victims are all substantiated by the “convergence of evidence.” “Convergent evidence” is defined as the concurrence of several independent sources and kinds of evidence all leading to only one possible conclusion. The independent sources of evidence include, but are not limited to, written documents, ye witness testimony, photographs, the camps themselves, and inferential evidence. (Denying History, page 35)

The Guru Attempts to Frustrate the Intellect’s Ability to Abstract Truth from Sensible Objects and Evidence

In order for anyone to deny that the Holocaust did in fact occur in the manner depicted in the “official” version, one must deny a sum of “convergent evidence” that points to the only logical conclusion available to a rational, honest intellect. While any historical occurrence may present minor or isolated inconsistencies, in the case of the Holocaust, the points mentioned above, those that are precisely denied by Holocaust deniers, are attested to by multiple independent sources of evidence. It is only the absolute inconsistency of the Holocaust with the theory of “Jewish world dominance” that necessitates and justifies the intellectual rejection of such a preponderance of credible evidence on the part of the Gnostics.

Men do obtain knowledge through their own sensory experience and also by the testimony of credible witnesses. In the case, not only of the Holocaust, but of all the erroneous pseudo-historical assertions we listed concerning Timothy McVeigh, Pearl Harbor etc., the “gurus” reject mountains of sensory evidence (artifacts in museums, photographs, the still-standing Camps etc.) and also the testimony of hundreds of thousands of eye-witnesses. The “gurus” first assert that the “official story” is not really what happened. In “Denying History, the authors explain that one of the most ingenious tactics of the deniers is to accept that the fact of the Holocaust is true while questioning the “official version.” They will admit that there were millions of Jewish people killed, but just not in the gas chambers. This is but one example. The goal here of eroding the confidence of the student in those supporting the “official story” is more important than denying the Holocaust. So long as the Gnostic spirit of “knowing the secret, hidden and true story” is maintained, the deniers are content since they have succeeded in their goal.

The Guru Presents Himself as the Enlightened Bearer of Truth

Having discredited the “official story,” the “Gnostic master” will then assert, often with absolutely no credible or serious sources of information, his own “Gnostic version” of the historical fact or motivation behind the headlines. “No Jews died in gas chambers, Roosevelt organized the bombing of Pearl Harbor, all the planes involved in 9-11 were drones, the World Trade Centers could never have fallen without some help from explosives placed inside etc.” When sources are cited, they will often appear, at first glance, to be credible. These “experts” or, even better “secret sources in the government not at liberty to speak publicly” will give conclusive proof of the “Gnostic version.” Upon submission to standard criteria of peer review, the “Gnostic experts and proof” have no sound basis.

Along with Historical Revision, the Gnostic Masters teach a universal distrust of all information communicated by the “media.” That the nightly news or news papers are, in general, heavily tainted with a liberal bias is not open for doubt. But the disbelief in the “main-stream media” must, if one is to be a “thinker” extend to those things which are often attested to by common eye-witnesses, photographs, films…evidence of the occurrence of simple facts.

After years of hearing major historical events “deconstructed” according to the method and principles of the Gnostic master, the “basic default reaction” of the now “Gnostic Catholic” when confronted with any “official version” is one of disbelief and distrust of the “system; the establishment.” He has learned the “truth” that all is organized to further the dominion of the Jews over the world.

By Placing Himself as the Only Bearer of Truth, The Guru Moves His followers to Revolution against the Natural Organizations in Society, Such as the Family, State, and Church.

In the mind of the “Gnostic disciple,” the fruit of this “education” is distrust in authority; in the civil institutions established by God and upheld, even when they are not ideal, by the constant teaching of Holy Mother Church. The mind is now cut off from common sources of information; even its own senses and the words of honest witnesses. Within the soul grows in an attitude of paranoia and detachment from reality; from belonging to the world in which it lives. Gradually, a deep antagonism against the “establishment, the system, the government” takes root and festers in the mind and heart of the man who sees every aspect of civil society (particularly politics and economics,) as secretly controlled by the Jews. He has less and less of a Catholic rejection of Revolution and begins to think and speak of “correcting, changing, doing away with the “system.”

The insinuations of the Master are that the true Catholic will see himself as a “Political Soldier,” a type of civil Knight to whom the work of restoring the social orderfalls by necessity. These Revolutionary principles and attitudes will easily give place to the works of Revolution. “Intention shows itself in act.”

The relationship of the “Gnostic guru” to his disciples is of principle importance. By cutting the minds of his “disciples” off from the outside world, the truth about history and the present social order in which the “disciple” lives, the guru has established himself as the real “master;” the only source of “right thinking” and “proper world-view.” The “guru” is now in total control of the students and is able to direct them in the accomplishment of the final goal which is the destruction of the civil social or economic order.

The Gurus Discredit the Legitimate Authority By Suggesting It Has Been Taken Hostage by the Jews

It is in this work of the Revolution that one understands the obsession of the “Gnostic Masters” with the Jews. If, as the Gnostics assert, the Jews have taken over every civil government and are accomplishing the establishing of the new Jewish World Order, then the Catholic will falsely believe himself to be justified in overthrowing, by Revolution, all the civil institutions he is subject to. This goes against the teaching of the Church which advocates the establishment of the Reign of Christ through the extension of Sactifying Grace and the organic reflection in the Social Order of the subjection of souls to Christ. (See the Encyclicals On the Christian Constitution of States and On the Kingship of Christ on ourLinks page.) The great Catholic Empires and States were brought about by the conversion of souls to the service of Christ and the influence of the Divine Life of Christ circulating in the souls of Catholics who knew themselves to be subject to all authority. This life of Sanctifying Grace in individuals blossomed into the official Catholic State whose laws and constitutions decreed the absolute domination over every aspect of civil life by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Answer

A Catholic State is attainable even in our own age through the Faith and the Missionary Spirit such as that which animated Archbishop Lefebvre and his loyal sons and daughters in the SSPX. A Catholic State is never the fruit of a Gnostic inspired Revolution. None of the activist works, such as Neo Conned, the ideas surrounding the Political Soldier or the Distributist movement in general, are free of a Revolutionary spirit aimed at destroying the proper and Catholic obedience due to lawful authority.

It behooves Catholics to examine very carefully the effects in their own surroundings of the growing “Gnostic” influences. It is, once again, to the Popes that we must turn to have a proper understanding of the “forces at work” in the world’s politics. Time and again the Popes warned, not of “the Jews,” but of the Freemasons. Their erroneous doctrine and malicious plots of the Masons against Catholic States are outlined in the great encyclicals. These Encyclicals, and not the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” formed the basis of the Archbishop’s courses on the Church Magisterium which were given to every priest and sister of the Society of St. Pius the X in order that they would understand the modern world as the Popes did. Our Lady of Fatima warned, not of the errors of the Jews, spreading throughout the world, but of the Revolutionary principles of Russia.

Our Lord and Our Lady Will Be Victorious!

The final lesson one must learn about the “Gnostic Guru Masters,” is that they extinguish everywhere the joy flowing from the virtue of Supernatural Hope and the Missionary Spirit of the Church. In all their speeches, conferences and writings, they offer nothing but a depressing sense of the futility of any resistance to the “omni-present, omni-potent Jewish influence in the world.” They relish the impending doom, the imminent economic depression which nothing the little band of “enlightened” does can change. They demonstrate no real faith in the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

The Popes and Our Lady of Fatima not only pointed to the real enemies of Christendom, They also gave concrete and practical works that every Catholic can do to defeat these enemies. The Popes made it clear that Masonry would lose its power if the heads of State and the members of the family fulfilled their duties; one of which is proper submission to all lawful authority. The practices of the Five First Saturdays, the Daily Rosary and the wearing of the Scapular are simple actions to which Our Lady attached the complete re-ordering of Civil Society through the conversion of Russia. It is in this Roman Catholic world view, expressed by Our Lady and the Roman Pontiffs that the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Tranquility of Order in Society are to be sought and found, not in the depressing and unsubstantiated opinions of those who seek only to gain power and control over those they should be leading to the Truth.

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